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Called a 24h Towing Service and Now What?

There is no way to tell whether your car may break down in the middle of the road. For that reason, you should have the number of a 24h towing service provider who can help you for such cases. So, whenever you need professional assistance, contact the company you have chosen and then complete the following steps.flatbed towing

Once you realize that your car is no longer working, you need to turn on the hazard lights. That way you will let the other drivers know that you have stopped because of an issue.
Then, try pulling your vehicle out of the road axle, but in case it won’t move, place cones and triangles around it. That way it will be visible from far away, and the others will know to reduce their speed when passing you by and be more careful.
Finally, you need to gather all your possessions. The tow truck won’t be able to stay on the road for more than a minute or two, so you need to be ready for their arrival.

Whenever you end up on the side of the road and you need assistance, don’t hesitate to contact a dependable 24h towing service provider, such as Unique Detailing & Towing. We are located in Clifton Park, NY and can be reached at (518) 867-9495 at any time.